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AGInsta APK1

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What is AGInsta?

AGInsta is one of the best version of Instagram Plus, this app allows you to download Instagram stories, videos and photos, you can also view Instagram profile picture and download it after using AGInsta, here you can download AGInsta latest version 2023.AGInsta or AG Instagram gold is a modded version of Instagram with some extra features not exist in official Instagram, AG Instagram is not on google play store, but here you can download it with a direct link.

People are wondering about a platform where they can do multiple activities. If you are one of them, we are amazed to let you know that there is a fantastic platform called AGInsta that will engage you in a meaningful way. It is a source to chat with your loved ones and entertain yourself. You can also stay updated with all live events. However, many such platforms offer these features, but at the same time they have some limitations. For this reason, one cannot use the application according to his will and ignore the use of the official application.

Insta’s mod has a lot of things that it provides to users. It’s a free tool that helps you succeed. AGInsta is the modded version with lots of features with customization options. By activating these options, one can manage all the activities according to his will. It also lets you add hashtags to your stories and public reports. This element will make your story visible to people when they search for a particular location or hashtag. You can also visit someone’s private account and zoom in on the profile picture by long pressing on the image.

AGInsta APK:

Download the AGInsta v2.40 Instagram update, download Instagram Plus 2022, provided many updates to the Insta application on an ongoing basis, and one of the features that distinguishes the application is the ability to download any of the photos and videos that you can view on the main page of the application and get them and keep them on your phone, As for the original Instagram application, in its official version, it lacks this feature, as it is an application that does not allow downloading or uploading videos and photos.

You can get the videos on the reels that you want to download by clicking on the three-dot box at the top of the video, clicking on this box will bring up a menu with several options including download or download option and then we click on the download option which It saves the video to the user’s phone The videos or images displayed on the homepage are downloaded directly into the application through an icon for the download process, which we find in the save icon.

As long as you use AGInsta, you will discover many things in it. Apart from conversation and chat, you can also make recordings, create reals and upload them to your account. You can also share photos and videos with your friends and family. The user can market their content through AGInsta, sharing it with like-minded people who are already using it. Most people see it as a shortcut to their dreams. Moreover, you can increase likes and comments on their Insta post and become famous instantly. It is the first step towards its destination which wants to gain popularity.

What is Asim Mahgoub’s Instagram?

Welcome to Assem Mahjoub’s blog. The Instagram Plus program, Asim Mahjoub, is a program to run a second Instagram for Android easily and without root on the same device, and it is based on the latest version of Instagram in the Instagram store In Instagram Plus app, Asim Mahjoub Abu Arab, many important features that Instagram users need have been added, such as: downloading photos and videos, downloading stories, opening photos profile, comment copying, bios copying and other features which are not found in the official Instagram, besides that it has full support for Arabic language.

Asim Mahgoub’s Instagram Plus is made up of two versions of Instagram: Instagram Plus+, which is the version you can install instead of the original Instagram, and AGInsta, which you can install alongside the Instagram or Original Instagram Plus. Both versions contain all the features mentioned above. For everyone who likes to know more about their accounts when downloading the AGInsta v2.40 Instagram update, download Instagram Plus 2022, so the feature of recognizing followers is one of the most important features that can distinguish the existence of an application is the feature of people who follow your account on Instagram by entering this person’s account And in the event that this person is one of your followers, application is blocked by writing the word “follows you” below the number of followers on this account.

There are many people who want to download the AGInsta v2.40 update, download Instagram Plus 2022, to see the private image of a specific account, but by using the original application in its official version, they will not be able to do so, but through their use of the Instagram Plus application, They will do that, be able to view these images in full. There are many advantages that can be obtained through the use of this feature, as if the account of any person is a private account and we want to see the image of his account in order to identify the owner of this account, this feature enables us to do so.

AGInsta Features:

The app provides many features and elements not available on official Instagram. This is why people refrain from using official tools and look for tools that do not restrict them. Some outstanding features which the app provides for free to everyone are such as:

Translate and Copy:

This is the best feature that the app offers to its users. There are two options in the app; you can translate and copy the text by activating it. It has added new languages and you can choose any of them according to your understanding. Also, it allows you to copy Insta bio.

More Downloads:

Using the app, you can download photos, stories, and videos from anyone’s posts, whether public or private. There is no lengthy download process. You can download it just by tapping the download button under each base.

Hide options:

This feature allows you to hide your story from the public, but you can still view other people’s stories simultaneously. You can hide story scenes and operational managers by enabling this option in the privacy settings. As a result, you can keep an eye on every activity of people without letting them know.

Playback Reels and Videos:

Playback option is rare which official Instagram does not provide to users. This feature is available in this single app and you can enable it while watching reels and videos.

Additional features of AGInsta:

It allows you to edit Instagram line and add iPhone line.
You can increase the duration of the stories.
It allows to reshape square and circular foam stories.
Handle bugs and issues that arise when the story appears.
100% functional with an excellent interface.
Fixed crashing and crashing issues.

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