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FreeStore is a trusted application software that contains thousands of applications like Play Store and allows you to have access to install premium applications on your Android phone which was developed by OSAMA HQ. Just consider it as a solution to all problems and try to fix this app to play premium apps without spending a single penny, you will be confident and never think of letting it down. The hoard of apps is only in name, truth be told; they don’t even have access to the sources.

Free Store Features:

The Free Store app is filled with the number of items (benefits), but the majors are written as below;

It is well suited for all devices including phones and tablets.
Its great feature is having access to all the premium content for free.
It is one of the best features that the function of paid games and paid apps rank well.
This app is also free to install, nothing to pay for it.
No rooted device is required.
Easy to understand console based interface.
Find your favorite app when you search the alternative stores.
It’s quick to respond.
Quick to download apps and games.
It’s very light to consume space and battery in your cell phone and no more hard on Ram.
There is no account and registration required.
It is a virus free and safe application that does not harm your device.
The best contrasting colors are used with formal designs.
And much more.

How to use the free store?

First, fetch the FreeStore app through the given link on your device.
Remember that there should be no downgrades in the requirements, otherwise it will print errors.
Install it after locating the downloaded file on your device.
Allow all installation sources that can pursue it.
After installation, find the application on the desktop and click on the icon.
Then you will be registered in the application.
Click on any of the categories you want.
Find your dream game, if not search for it.
After searching for the game and applications, its description will be written and the install button will be displayed.
Click on the install button, install it and get the app downloaded for free.

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