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We are actually talking about two companion apps here, the first one is called Lighthouse Apk and the second one is Lighthouse. The strange thing is that there is no other information about the app, be it a video or an official website, just its name and function!

The app actually allows you to log in as a Huawei user with your personal Google account on your device, allowing you to “download and run” any Google app as usual without having to use it for additional or external settings.

The strange thing is that until recently the app was completely officially available on the App Gallery Store, which gives us an idea of the security and privacy of the app for Huawei device users’ data, no matter what. The request is made by the company.

The App Gallery Store actually has four levels of scanning and verification. It does not contain any malware, but it was removed from the store for some reason. But don’t worry, we will provide you with a Mediafire download link in the following sections.

Lighthouse Apk is your connection point and gateway to information about our company. Our organization is an independent oil company engaged in the transportation and storage of crude oil. By continually adapting its strategy to the rapidly evolving maritime market, the group has grown to become the world’s largest independently listed tanker platform.The purpose of this application is to share current information and news about our company with customers, partners, employees and interested parties.

Pharaoh offers you
Latest news and articles.
Summary of general information about the company.
Event Summary
Latest career opportunities
A platform on which to build a community!
More to come, stay tuned

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