Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK Mega Menu, Unlocked

Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK Mega Menu, Unlocked

4.1/5 - (9996 votes)

4.1/5 - (9996 votes)

Minecraft Pocket Edition:

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is one of the most popular, popular and fun intellectual and arcade games from Mojang game studio, which has been released in different versions for different operating systems, and at the request of users, we are going to present its Android version! Minecraft Mod APK is a highly creative sandbox game, combined with many interactive and educational activities, suitable for both children and adults. Survive, explore, and do whatever you want in the open world. In the Minecraft game, you freely build and prepare a dream city with all the facilities and in the most beautiful way possible!

In general, achieve everything you want and think and do it yourself! The construction in the game is very simple, you have all the blocks and all the shapes you want in different dimensions and the only thing you have to do is to put these blocks together in the best possible way; So be very careful because placing a piece incorrectly, besides ruining the shape of the building, can cause the entire building to collapse and force you to start a new building from scratch! In the Minecraft game, as a player, you will be entertained with all kinds of activities, such as exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and battles. Several different modes including Survival, Creativity, Adventure and Hardcore allow you to have fun in the big world of Minecraft!

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Gameplay on your mobile devices as you join millions of Android gamers around the world in this epic 3D adventure in the world of blocks. Explore a whole world of possibilities in Minecraft as you go. Explore endless worlds and build everything from the simplest of houses to the largest of castles. Spend time exploring the huge community-run servers in Minecraft while enjoying completely different gameplay in each one. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or explore the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.

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Minecraft v1.19.51.01-mod-final.apk




Minecraft MOD APK:

In the first mod you can collect resources and try to maintain your hunger and health, in the second mod you can create whatever you want with unlimited resources, and in the last mode you can participate in missions and adventures. tremendous. And in the last mode, which was hardcore, you can be busy like the survival mode, but remember that in this mode, if you die, you can’t come back to the game and the difficulty level is high! In general, the purpose of Minecraft game is construction, and if you are interested in this work, get the latest version of the game from APKHOME right now, then after entering the game, select one of the two main characters, male and female, named Steve and Alex Choose and enter the world of big game!

Build your world in Minecraft MOD APK:

Minecraft is based on your quest to build in an extremely large world. In fact, you use your creativity to create a world with your own rules, principles and, most importantly, your own design. The game has two main modes; Creative mode and survival mode. In creative mode, all resources are available to you unlimitedly, and in fact, without any obstacles, you can challenge your creativity to build an amazing world. While these unlimited resources are one of the most important features of Minecraft’s creative mode, the removal of other elements such as hunger and the health bar from this mod has led to an entirely creative-based experience, where all of your focus will be on building.

On the other hand, in survival mode you have to search for different resources and during these searches your life is always in danger. You need to keep an eye on your character’s hunger and always keep your health bar at a reasonable level. In this mode you can see various fights and even some kind of ending is considered for it, which you will reach by defeating a dragon. In general, Minecraft Survival Mode, like Creative Mode, leaves you with an open hand to build an innovative world, but by putting you in situations where you have to take care of your character’s life, it also imparts a lot of value. excitement to you. Building a large and detailed world in survival mode is more difficult than in creative mode, but you will feel more excitement this way.

Customize everything in Minecraft:

The freedom of action in Minecraft is not just limited to your construction in its vast world. Minecraft is a social game and you can share your creations with others. It is possible to use other people’s drawings. From different maps to awesome skins, they are all at your side to have a richer and deeper experience of one of the best games released for Android phones. All kinds of skins can also be purchased. Many paid Minecraft skins are based on cooperation with popular entertainment products such as Star Wars, and using them has its own charms.

You can also experience Minecraft as a multiplayer game. What’s interesting is that to experience Minecraft in multiplayer, you don’t need all your friends to experience it on their smartphones! Yes, the game supports cross-play and Android users can play with iOS users, PC owners and even home consoles. Just like Minecraft doesn’t limit your creativity, it doesn’t limit you in any way when it comes to online gaming experience, and in that sense, it’s one of the best games out there.

Production process of the Minecraft game:

Before founding his studio, Marcus Pearson worked at King (creator of Candy Crush). There he learned various programming languages and used them to develop early versions of his games in his spare time. He is also a regular contributor to the TIGSource Gaming Forum, which is designed for independent game developers. One of Marcus Pearson’s personal projects was called RubyDung, which was inspired by a construction and management simulation game called Dwarf Fortress. Of course, RubyDung at that time, like RollerCoaster Tycoon, had an isometric camera and 3D environment. After a while, influenced by Dungeon Keeper, he decided to add a first-person camera to his game, but gave up. He thought that the game’s pixel graphics were not very suitable for such a camera.

The Infiniminer experience gave rise to new ideas in the mind of Marcus Pearson. One of the results of this incident is the return of the first-person camera. Pearson completed the game’s core programming in a week, and then posted Minecraft on the TIGSource forums in May 2009. He then proceeded to fix the issues and change different parts based on feedback received. Pearson continued to upgrade various systems for a year. Minecraft entered the beta phase in December 2010. At that time, Marcus Pearson assured buyers that all updates including bug fixes and new content would be free. Meanwhile, Pearson kept hiring new people until Mojang took on a more formal look. The studio finally released the full version in November 2011.

Minecraft Gameplay:

Minecraft is a 3D Sandbox game and as expected there is no specific purpose and the user has complete freedom of action during their experience. However, the achievement and trophy system is intended so that the user can get a reward by taking specific actions.

Minecraft uses the first person camera by default, but users can change the camera mode from first person to third person. The game world consists of three dimensional and cubic objects. These objects have different colors, each one indicating something particular; For example, brown green cubes indicate that green or wooden cubes are used to display all kinds of plants. The main basis of the gameplay is based on the elimination of different mobs, uniting and creating different structures. Apart from cubes, there is another material called Redstone in Minecraft from which the user can build simple mechanical devices by collecting. The user can create complex systems by combining simple devices.

The minecraft environment on paper is infinite and has no end. This should be written at the foot of the game in the game, which adds new parts to the map simultaneously with the advancement of the protagonist in the environment. These new sections are made by accident and there is no pattern. However, there are limitations on vertical movement. More precisely, the user cannot move more than 5 million cubic cubes away from the map center. After the user reaches this point, they can look ahead but cannot enter it. Other indicators around the Minecraft environment include the diversity in the ecosystem. Ecosystems include desert, snow-covered areas, and forests.

More about Gameplay of Minecraft:

The roughness on the game map includes plains, mountains, forests, and caves. The dynamic weather system is also intended for the rotation of day and night. It only takes 5 minutes in the real world every 4 hours in the game world. When the user wants to experience the Minecraft experience, he or she has to choose one of five mods and one of four grades. The higher the degree of hardness, the greater the amount of damage caused by enemies. Of course, the difference between the degree of difficulties is not summarized. If a user chooses the hardness of Hard and experiences the starvation ribbon, the main character will eventually lose life from it. By the way, it is possible to change the degree of difficulty after the game starts, but it is not possible to change the mode. However, it can be done in informal methods.

When the user wants to experience the game for the first time, one of the two skins to either Steve or Alex is given randomly, but it is possible to change the appearance of custom skins. During the Minecraft experience, the user faces various uncontrollable characters (NPCs), for example, animals, residents of rural areas, or hostile creatures. Uncontrollable passive characters include cows, pigs, and chickens that can be hunted for food or resources. New cows, pigs, and chickens appear in areas of the map with the start of the new day. The nights belong to hostile creatures like zombies, spiders and skeletons that do their business during this time. Hostile creatures will burn if they hit sunlight.

Hostile creatures in Minecraft don’t stop there. Vines are plant-like creatures that attach themselves to a target and then explode. Creepers were first added to the game in August 2009 and have become one of the main symbols of the game in recent years. Enderman is also present in the game, who can pick up and move the cubes. He also has the ability to teleport. Meanwhile, hostile creatures have different types; For example, we can mention marine zombies.

In addition to the main world known as Overworld, Minecraft has two parallel worlds called The Nether and The End. Nether is similar to hell and the user can access it through the portal. Of course, traveling to a parallel world requires many different resources. After entering the Rare, the user can use the blocks to make a boss. And, an arid land, with almost no vegetation, consisting of many islands. After traveling to End, the user encounters a dragon called the Ender Dragon, which is actually a boss. After the dragon is killed, the return portal will appear. In case of entry, the final credits will be played and then the user will return to the point from which he entered the portal and will be able to continue playing.

Types of Minecraft modifications:

The Minecraft game has different ways that the user can enjoy according to their taste.

Survival mode:

In Survival mode, the user must search the environment and find different resources, such as wood and stone, to manufacture different articles. You also need to build a shelter for yourself so as not to get into trouble at night. As mentioned before, hostile creatures are active during the night. As a result, there is the possibility of attacking the main character’s residence. In this way, the user has a health bar that decreases when receiving damage from hostile creatures or when falling from a height, staying a long time underwater, stepping molten materials, lack of oxygen, starvation and other similar events. In addition, there is a hunger bar. If the hunger bar reaches the end, the automatic health regeneration mechanics will be deactivated. As a result, it is better for the user to eat more frequently.

It is possible to manufacture different types of elements in Minecraft, for example, armor (to reduce the damage received from enemies), weapons (sword, ax and other similar tools to destroy enemies) and special tools. Special tools reduce the amount of time necessary to destroy certain types of cubes. The user can also build an oven and use it to cook their own food, process minerals and change the type of resources. In addition, the possibility of exchanging resources or emeralds with the residents of the villages has been provided.

The inventory system or the property list is also integrated into the game. As a result, the user can carry a certain amount of articles. As soon as the user dies, all the elements will fall to the ground, unless the user has changed the Minecraft configuration to prevent this from happening. After death, the user reappears at a certain point and can reach the place and collect all the articles. After death, the user has only 5 minutes to return; Otherwise, all elements will disappear. Meanwhile, perform various actions, such as killing hostile creatures, extracting resources in the mine, processing minerals or raising animals, gives the user points, which can be used to manufacture more powerful and useful tools, weapons and armor.

Unconditional fashion:

Hardcore is actually the same as the survival mode, except that the configuration is chosen in such a way that the user can enjoy the most difficult and challenging experience. Meanwhile, there is a Permadeath mode in Hardcore mode. In other words, if the user dies, there will be no news of reappearance and continuation of the game. In this situation, the user has two options in front of him: use the spectator mode and explore the environment or eliminate the PC game.

Creative fashion:

In Creative mode, the user has access to all game resources through the Inventory and can easily manage them. In this mode, there is also the ability to fly without limitations and the protagonist does not take any damage from starvation. The purpose of creating and offering such a mod was so that users could build something they like without any hassle.

Adventure mode:

Adventure mode was added to Minecraft so that users can experience the game on maps that others have created. The gameplay is similar to Survival mode, but the map creator can apply whatever restrictions he wants to the game.

Spectator mode:

Spectator mode allows the user to freely fly around the map and see what they want without interacting with the game. In this mode, the user has no inventory, but can view the game from the point of view of another user or an uncontrollable character.

Optifine/Fastcraft Mode:

By installing the Optifine mod, support for HD textures is added to the game, and most importantly, more settings are added to the graphics section. This mod also adds dynamic lighting, improves the quality of textures, and applies more optimization. Optifine works fine on most PCs, but if your PC is weak, we recommend going for Fastcraft. This mod improves the technical performance of the game on systems that are not powerful.

Journeymap Mode:

Large environments require comprehensive and comprehensive maps. After all, everyone wants to know exactly where they are in the game world and how far they are from their destination. If you also consider the map very important, we recommend installing the Journeymap mod. This mod creates a whole map as you progress and allows you to mark your destination. Most importantly, it announces the approach of hostile creatures. Meanwhile, you can view the map created by Journeymap as a minimap or full screen.

just enough items Mode:

While exploring the Minecraft environment, you definitely came across a lot of items and collected them. The benefits of some items are clear, but to understand the benefits of others, you need to search the Internet. If you don’t feel like stopping the game looking for a new item, grab your mobile phone and use the internet, Just Enough Items is the best choice for you. This mod allows you to see the instructions to make all the elements of the game. That way, you’ll know what each item is for.

Jade Mode:

Imagine that you have installed various graphic materials, and the visual effects have changed significantly. In such a situation, it is difficult to find the desired item; Because you don’t know what changes the ingredients have made to an item and how it looks now. In such a situation, the Jade material can be very useful. This mod not only tells you what item you are looking at, but also reveals the items inside the chests.

Enchantment descriptions Mode:

Minecraft has a lot of spells and it’s very hard to remember them all. To fix this problem, you can go to Enchantment Descriptions. This mod also supports 13 different languages.

Twilight forest Mode:

When you install Twilight Forest, a portal is added to the game that transports you to a new dimension: Twilight Forest. Of course, the portal does not appear after installing the mod. After installation, you need to collect the desired items to build the portal, and then activate it. Upon entering the Twilight Forest, a different Minecraft experience awaits you; An experience that includes new black holes, mythical creatures and more.

Biomes O’Plenty Mode:

The main world of Minecraft has many biomes. However, if you are not satisfied with the number of biomes, you can go for Biomes O’Plenty. This mod adds a lot of life to the Overworld and Nether maps. To this we should add tools, armor, food and new types of cubes.

Alex’s mobs Mode:

Based on surveys, it can be said that Minecraft users strongly desire the addition of new animals, monsters, and humanoid creatures. If you don’t want to wait for an official update and prefer to get what you want faster, you can install Alex’s Mobs. This mod contains 84 new animals, some of which are real and some of which are fictional. Real animals include kangaroos and tigers, and the list of fictional animals includes many, such as the bone snake.

Immersive portals Mode:

By installing Immersive Portals in the game, the portals will have two major changes: the first change is that you can easily see that side of the portal and see what awaits you in the new world; The second change is related to the removal of the loading screen. In this way, he enters the new world without delay.

RLCraft Mode:

Although a few years have passed since its release, RLCraft can still be called one of the most popular minecraft mods. Installing this mod adds elements of fantasy works like dragons, fairies, etc. to the world. Hostile creatures must be added to these cases. At the same time, RLCraft adds new environments and numerous structures, such as towers and black holes, to the game world.

Pixelmon Mode:

PokeMan is one of the most famous franchises in entertainment history and his works can be seen in popular media from series to video games. If you’re a fan of this franchise, we recommend installing Pixelmon to give Minecraft a Pokémon vibe.

Sky factory 4 Mode:

SkyFactory is one of the classic mods and it was designed based on the famous SkyBlock map. The fourth edition is a huge pack of different materials, the number of which reaches 200. The mod also includes 30 completely new worlds that you can choose and explore according to your taste.

Better MC Mode:

As the name suggests, Better MC wants to provide a richer experience for users. In this regard, it adds boss fights, hostile creatures, crops, items, dimensions, and new quests to the game.

Vault Hunters Mode:

By installing Vault Hunters, you enter new environments called Vaults. Your mission is to enter these environments, overcome challenges, defeat enemies and finally get the desired item (an item, armor or weapon of great value). The number of environments reaches 25 and if you manage to finish all of them, the last environment will be unlocked; The environment that is considered the most challenging.

Little Tiles Mode:

Minecraft has limitations when it comes to cubes and building; Restrictions that some believe have increased the appeal. Anyway, it makes the user use his mind and be creative to build the desired structure. If you are not interested in such challenges, the Little Tiles mod is made for you. This mod adds new cubes to the game, some of which can even be used to create mobile structures.

Chisel Mode:

By using the Chisel mod, you can change the texture of any cube you want. In this way, your hand will be more open when building complex structures.

Framed blocks Mode:

Cubes are great for building a structure and no one can argue, but sometimes other shapes are needed. In such a situation you can take advantage of FramedBlocks which adds a lot of geometric shapes to the game.

Decocraft Mode:

The construction of your house has come to an end, but you have trouble decorating it? Your solution is in Decocraft. This mod adds around 3 thousand new items such as chairs, batteries, lamps and sinks; Articles that give you total freedom of action when designing the interior decoration of the house.


Bibliocraft was originally a mod for users to organize the books they found on a bookshelf. This mod has gone through a lot of changes over the years and now it’s not just a big shelf. This rack can hold your weapons, armor, and even trophies. The difference from the chest is that all the items are in front of your eyes and you can see them at any time.

Pam’s Craft Harvest 2 Mode:

Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 consists of four separate mods: Food Core, Crops, Trees, and Food Extended. Each of them adds new dishes to the menu. Of course, we recommend installing this mod together with Hunger Overhaul and The Spice of Life for a more complete experience.

Enter the world of Minecraft.

You enter the world of Minecraft for the first time and start a new world. Without knowing your surroundings and empty-handed, you try to survive. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is hitting a tree. If you ask users first experience with Minecraft right now, their first experience is probably hitting a boring tree. It’s after the first few hits that you realize that everything in this game is destroyed and actually usable. You get the first blocks of wood, you build your workbench and you get the first tools. It’s a small and very quick accomplishment, but the feeling of gaining tools in a new world will surprise and delight you.

First night:

Now that you have obtained the necessary raw materials and your first tools and become familiar with the world around you, it is time for the square sun of your world to set and send you new difficulties. New users are not familiar with the Minecraft night game mechanism and do not know what nightmares and dreams await them at night. The first night in the world of Minecraft is a story of escape and survival for many, and death for some. Now remember your first night in Minecraft. You probably built a mud barricade or buried yourself in the mud to keep your enemies out. The feeling of fear and loneliness on the first night of the Minecraft game will probably remain in your memory for a long time!

Building the first house:

If you’ve made it through the dreaded first night of the Minecraft world safely, you’ll realize that your first priority should be a roof over your square head. Now is the time to collect wood and stone to build your first house. According to many, the sweetest part of the world of Minecraft is learning about new materials and finding endless possibilities while building different structures. It is at this moment that your creativity flourishes and you surrender to the infinite world of Minecraft. Of course, we must not forget that you will probably settle for a stone and square house and you will look at it with pride. It may be small and plain, but this little stone house is exactly what you need.

Explore the caves:

Having built a house in the Minecraft game, you get to know the surrounding world to a certain extent, and you have some raw material at your disposal. It’s time to really start your adventurous journey and discover your first caves. It doesn’t matter if you find the entrance of a cave or appear with a carving in the middle of the cave, your mouth will stop wondering. But your immense surprise is only the beginning of the journey, and identifying and exploring the unknowns of the caves will surprise you even more. Minecraft’s massive cave system has never let you down and will never be the same again, but nothing beats the first experience. Seeing the first iron ore, flowing water, lava and, of course, gold will remain in everyone’s memory. Watching these scenes will surely amaze and entertain you for hours on end. Of course, we hope you didn’t come across hornless and tailed giants on your first adventure!

The first death:

If you’ve played many survival games, you’re familiar with the grueling fight to survive the early days of the game and trying to collect more raw materials. But sadly, death comes very soon in this popular style of game, of which Minecraft is one of them. The first death in Minecraft is very painful and upsetting, and we are sorry to remind you, but this feeling will not be experienced again. Even if you don’t experience this game in Permadeath mode, the first death will be painful. You have collected raw materials with great effort and feel relaxed, but suddenly you lose everything! Your first death in the game may come from a Creeper exploding in the dark, or you ran out of food while traversing the caves. Regardless of how you die in this game, we know that you are deeply upset and we must say that you will never experience it again!

Building a rare portal:

Getting to the construction stage of the Nedre portal is not fast. You need a diamond ax to obtain obsidian or a mixture of molten and water materials, and have a bucket and some flowers. In general, making a Nederland portal is not an easy task, and to reach this stage, you need a considerable experience in the Minecraft game. However, you probably remember having made your first rare portal. Of course, all the steps taken after that should not be forgotten, which probably made it very happy. This feeling is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in Minecraft’s game and probably few people will forget it. Of course, you should also mention the fear and the need to survive after that.

Building a better and bigger house:

What is more wonderful and pleasant than building the first house? Building a second house! If you have the strength and experience to get to the Nedre portal, it is certainly time to build a second house with new and better materials and, of course, using newer tools. In addition to that, your knowledge of the game and how to build in it has also increased, which makes you build a much more advanced house than your first house. We are sure that his sense of pride after building a second house was indescribable. Now it has not only built a house that is more useful, but also has a more pleasant appearance in front of you. Creativity is an important part of the Minecraft game, which many users show when building a house, and you probably remember spent creativity to build your second home at this time.

Opening the final portal:

Getting to the rare portal is a special sensation, but we must not forget the final portal, which is a memorable moment in itself. First you have to find the way to him, which in itself is a fascinating part of your adventure. But when Eyes of Ender is placed and the galaxy shows you its smiling face, we do not exaggerate if we say that you will take away two wings and fly. This interesting feature has been added to the Minecraft game in recent years, and although it may not be the end of the game, it has given us the feeling that we know everything about Minecraft and, therefore, it is an important and unique achievement . There is no doubt that the time to reach this portal is one of the most memorable moments of every player.

Defeat Ender Dragon:

During your trip and adventures in the world of Minecraft, you will find many mortal creatures such as zombies, skeletons and, of course, vines. In addition, we must not forget the crazy dragon Ender, which invites you to a great challenge. When you have won the courage and experience to take a step towards the end, a giant dragon is waiting for you and will take everything you have, and you probably know that the lack of experience in the Minecraft game is very bad for you and unfortunately You will die at the hands of Ender Dragon. It should not be overlooked that in the past it was easier to defeat Ender dragon and, over time, developers have made this creature stronger for users to receive a greater challenge.

Find the diamond:

In the end, we arrive at an experience that is the sweetest and will never be forgotten. In our opinion, finding diamonds in Minecraft is the only challenge that has always remained attractive and every time we find them, it has a new feeling for us. No matter how many diamonds I find, finding them is pure joy and emotion for us and for you. But we must not forget that getting them is the result of much effort and experience and makes your heart be faster. The memorable moments in the Minecraft game are not few, but the 10 moments that we share with you are more memorable than others, and we must thank the developers of the Minecraft game for developing and improving this unique masterpiece.

Minecraft PE Skins Creator:

One of the features that Minecraft users are most interested in is the skin change feature. In recent years, creative users have created many skins for this game that you can use. You can transform into the character of your favorite game, movie or series. But do not forget that there is a possibility that you will not be able to find your favorite skin. In this case, you should go ahead and create your favorite skin. At such times, you need the powerful Minecraft Skin Creator PE software. This software can be used not only on iPhone phones but also on Mac operating system. After entering this software, you will be faced with a completely simple character whose body is segmented and you can change each body part individually. This software provides users with attractive color palettes, along with many useful tools and different layers.

Minecraft multiplayer section:

Minecraft multiplayer section allows users to be in the same world and interact with each other. This is possible through a local area network (Lan), shared page or server. Users can set up their own servers or join someone else’s server. Minecraft servers are managed by operators who can change the settings; For example, they may place restrictions on selected usernames or IPs accessing the server. Another setting that operators can change is the possibility of conflicts between users of a server. The multiplayer section was first played in May 2009. The oldest server is called Freedonia which was built in August 2010. The biggest and most popular server is known as Hypixel which has more than 14 million unique users.

Minecraft kingdoms:

In 2013, Mojang introduced a server hosting service called Minecraft Realms that allows users to manage a server without having to configure it. Unlike normal servers, the servers managed by this service have limitations. More precisely, only invited people can enter. Minecraft: Java Edition owners who run their own dedicated server can invite up to 20 users to their server. Of these, only 10 people can appear on the server at the same time. Minecraft Realms also supports content created by enthusiasts. Meanwhile, at the E3 2016 event, it was announced that Crossplay is coming to this hosting service. Currently, users of Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iOS operating systems can take advantage of this feature.

Personalization of Game:

Modding Mommunity is a community of fans, users, and third-party developers who have created and offered various types of downloadable content for Minecraft via APIs. These contents include changes, new textures and unofficial maps. Changes that users make to the Minecraft code are known as mods and they include different things like new cubes, items, and hostile creatures. Users can also create their own maps and add rules, challenges, puzzles, and quests to them. Users can also share their maps with others.

Minecraft games reviews:

Minecraft has been praised by critics for the freedom of action that it gives to the user. They also praised the elaboration system, which allows users to create a variety of articles. Meanwhile, we must not neglect the special technical and artistic graphics of the game that, as expected, were also noted by experts. IGN’s critic described Mojang’s graphics as “memorable.”

Minecraft entered the beta phase in early 2011. After approximately one month of this incident, he was able to sell one million copies. The interesting thing is that the game had no editor at that time. As a result, there was no advertising in the real world or in cyberspace, and the only thing that made Mojang’s product so successful was mouth to mouth. Meanwhile, this figure increased to four million copies before the official launch of the game in November 2011.

In October 2014, Minecraft sold a record of 17 million copies on PC and became the best -selling game of this platform in history. Total game sales on all platforms were more than 60 million copies. The successes did not stop here. The growing trend continued and the game reached a record of 180 million copies in May 2019 to become the best -selling game in the history of the video game industry. It is not bad to know that Minecraft’s free version that was launched for Chinese users had more than 300 million users. Minecraft has already sold more than 200 million copies. Grand Theft Auto V, which occupies second place, has sold 140 million copies so far. Although the support for the last GTA continues, it does not seem that the game can break the record and take the number one position.


The main features of the game Minecraft:
Very great freedom of action to build a vast and attractive world
Provision of two main modes with different rules and degrees of difficulty
The ability to play multiplayer games with friends
Provision of various customization facilities
Low volume despite huge game size
Construction of different types of structures by the player
Provide all kinds of items including blocks etc.
The ability to choose between main characters Alex and Steve
Play in different locations such as forest, desert, mountain, etc.
The presence of various characters, including animals, cows, pigs, fish, etc.
Have great sound with various music playback
Have really addictive and different gameplay
The possibility of group play with friends thanks to Wi-Fi

MOD Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition:


– God Mode
– Freeze Players ( Only Bots )
– No Fall Damage
– All Unlock
– Rapid Block Break
– Push Mobs Away
– Speed
– Long Jump
– Long Jump Mega V2


– Wall Hack
– Fly
– Gravity
– EKG (X-ray)
– Zoom V1
– Zoom V2
– Big Character
– Trampoline Jump
– Water Jump
– Water Trampoline

MOD 2 Info:

You cannot download and use paid content from the market (skin packs, worlds, textures, etc.
Removed license check
Working character editor with all unlocked features (skins are not saved after exiting the game

NOTE: If you have beta installed and when you try to create the first world you see an endless message with the loading of resources, completely close the game and restart it.

Supported Android
{4.0 and UP}
Supported Android Version:-
Jelly Bean(4.1–4.3.1)- KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)- Lollipop (5.0–5.0.2) – Marshmallow (6.0 – 6.0.1) – Nougat (7.0 – 7.1.1) – Oreo (8.0-8.1) – Pie (9.0)

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK For Android


Minecraft v1.19.51.01-mod-final.apk





Does Minecraft work on PC?
Yes. This game also has a Windows version.

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is the name of an engaging pixel adventure game where you build a new world using the resources and tools provided by the game.

What is Herobrine?
Herobrine is a mysterious character in the Minecraft game that the game developers claim they did not produce themselves. Herobrain is also an available in-game skin that players use to intimidate their opponents.

Can Minecraft be used offline?
Yes. This game can be played online and offline.

Does Minecraft work on PC?
Yes. Minecraft also has a Windows version.

What are minecraft portals?
Nether Portal – End Portal – Exit Portal – Frozen Portal

What is the AR version of minecraft?
Minecraft Earth is the augmented reality version of the game available for Android phones.

Minecraft: How to download the pocket version?
Enter the page and press the install button! simply.

Additional Information

Developer : Mojang

Version :

Google Play : PlayStore

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