NB WhatsApp APK

NB WhatsApp APK

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NB WhatsApp APK comes with many cool and attractive features to provide users with a next-level experience. With this mod app, users will get personalized options to bring a new environment to the mailbox.It is designed to meet all user requirements so that users can have a smooth messaging experience. On the other hand, in the official version, due to limited features, you might feel frustrated and angry. But the good news is that those days are gone, now you no longer need to limit yourself to limited features. To make your messaging approach more secure and solid, switch to this phenomenal mod app.

With this latest NB WhatsApp app, you can now stay in touch with your family and friends more effectively than ever. Additionally, you will discover many exciting features that you have never experienced before. To make your virtual audio-video call smoother, this mod app developer introduces some exciting privacy customization features and functionality. Now bring change to your messaging approach and interact in more innovative ways with people around the world.

Features of the New Brunswick WhatsApp application

Control audio-video and group call settings. Additionally, you can ignore specific contacts you don’t want to talk to.
With this mod app, you can now secure all your personal messages and documents. It provides users with PIN locks and end-to-end encryption features to protect personal information for the rest of their lives.
Increase your speaking on a status story. Now be creative and expressive while sharing status story through words.
Now after accidentally sending a message, you no longer need to bite your nails because this cool feature allows the user to correct the message smoothly. So to correct your mistake you will always get minimum time on this mod app.
Easily remove the forwarded message label and use these messages as original messages without anyone knowing.
Now you can backup your important data weekly, monthly or daily to keep it secure.
If a specific contact irritates you, block it more strongly than ever.

How to create a poll on NB WhatsApp

To get started, download NB WhatsApp APK and open the app on your phone.
After that, open the chat window.
Now, tap the “paper clip icon” in line with the text box. Then choose Survey from the list option.
Then write your question in the question box and add some answers in the options section.
Next, disable the multiple response toggle option and at the same time, if you want, only one option will be left for responders.
Finally, tap the Send icon at the bottom right of your Android screen.

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