Pikmin 4 Game APK

Pikmin 4 Game APK

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Meet the Pikmin, small plant-like creatures that you can raise, harvest, lead, and send into battle against enemies larger than you! These loyal and enthusiastic helpers come in a variety of forms, including the fire-resistant red Pikmin and the new Frost Pikmin.

Customize your appearance and then set out on a journey to find and rescue other explorers. Travel through incredible worlds aboard your Explorer and Pikmin and observe everyday objects such as plants, benches and vases. Revisit these different areas at night and light the way with the new Glow Pikmin… Keep an eye out for restless wildlife.

In the game world of Pikmin 4 Game Apk, explorers love friendly competition. As the story progresses, you will meet characters who are ready to participate in Dandori battles – see who can collect the most items in the allotted time. Gathering lots of Pikmin to collect more treasure is an important part of Dandori’s battle strategy. You can also bring a friend or family member into the same system as Dandori Battles, with additional levels available to play as the story progresses.

If a large group of Pikmin becomes a delicacy for a hungry creature, you can correct the mistake by using the time rewind function. Of course, it can be used to make less catastrophic mistakes or simply take a different approach. In the main campaign, get additional help from another player who can throw rocks at enemies and use items.

You’ll even have a space dog! Oatchi (pronounced Oat-chee), your resident good boy and loyal companion, can help you overcome obstacles and accompany you and your Pikmin on your adventures. With little Pikmin and a capable dog, no challenge is too big!

Live the adventure with a free Nintendo eShop demo! Destroy the Pikmin, collect the treasure, and wait for the Rescue Corps starship, the SS. Keep playing until you collect 1500 Sparklium to strengthen Shepherd. Upon completion, you will receive a reward for the Pikmin 4* game app. After purchase, you can even transfer your save data to the full version of the Pikmin 4 game!

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