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SF Tool APK1

SF Tool APK:

SF tool is used to unlock Free Fire game skin and tools. Garena Free Fire game, a popular game known for its latest shooting features. Therefore, there are too many players playing it regularly. Garena Free Fire game has outstanding innovative and distinctive features. This game is easily available on Playstore, an application providing the platform of Google. You can enjoy exciting gameplay, graphics and sound of this game. However, to unlock the free shooting game tools, you will need diamonds, coins, points, etc. Therefore, an SF tools apk can help you access all game items without buying diamonds, coins, etc.

SF Tool Free Fire is an updated tool for FF lovers to unlock premium items in Garena Free Fire at no cost. Users can only use it on Android devices. Indeed, its new version is able to provide skins for heroes, weapons and vehicles. Moreover, FF backgrounds, Gllowall and VIP bundles are handy the most simply. In short, the installation of SF Tool will provide you with all the desirable comfort. Most importantly, you don’t need to spend FF diamonds, coins, etc. on games anymore. Just install this tool and deeply enjoy the game.

Since MOD tool, developers have released many apps for this obsessive fighting game like GlowWall, NS Tool, SF Tool and many more. Therefore, more and more players are attracted to this sauce train. But the fact is that very few apps can modify the game effectively and safely. Instead, players are blocked for disobeying the rules of the game. So, most hackers want to get a safe, anti-ban and productive mod tool so that all side effects can be avoided. If you are a big fan of Free Fire but don’t have an elegant source to handle it, we will provide you.

SF Tool Free Fire not only injects freebies into the game, but also removes them whenever you want. Therefore, all changes are reversible. And you can use all items one by one more frequently. On the other hand, modifying apps still faces minor and major issues. The reason is that it is illegal to use it. Those who regularly use cheat tools know the problems well. Therefore, we advise new users not to use modding apps every time. In other cases, you cannot play the game forever.

Features of SF Tool Free Fire:

This tool has been in the market for longer. Different versions served in different ways. This time fans will see some improvements in all parts of the tool. So it will be a good surprise for you. Anyway, here is the final list of all available freebies.


This application provides you with free costumes for FF characters. You can change the appearance of 09 heroes with just one click. So do what you want. Changing skin means acquiring new skills for a hero.

gun skin

Likewise, FF pistols are an essential weapon for fighters in tough battles. Currently, you can upgrade the beauty and power of 09 pistols, machine guns, rifles, etc. different, using this application.

vehicle skin

The battle of survival takes place on an unknown island. Fighters must travel from point to point. If they have vehicles for this purpose, then we can move faster. Likewise, unlock free skins for cars, bikes, etc. to improve your efficiency.


Self-protection in the game is a must. The more powerful shields you have in the game, the safer you are from enemy attacks. For this, SF Tool offers you 18 different Gloowall Skins to make your Shield stronger.

VIP package

VIP Pack 1, 2,3 and All in One Emotes Pack are a bonus for professional players. If you need custom gear, apply that gear in game.


Last but not least is background images for your favorite game. Truly, it will beautify the game lobby with attractive and high quality images.

Additional Features of SF Tool Free Fire:

It is free and latest version for FF fans.
All items are readily available.
It customizes almost every part of the game.
Also, it allows you a save option for all changes.
Anti-ban and anti-detection functions make it safe and healthy.
You can access all its services without password, login and root permissions.
Using this app makes the game easy.
No bugs, errors and delays in getting an item.
A single click downloads the specific cheat in a second.
Fast and 100% productive for all gamers.

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