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What is WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023?

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023 is one of the modded and expanded programs of the official WhatsApp application available on the Google Play Store. The golden WhatsApp Plus has all the features that the user needs. It allows you to communicate without paying any fees because it is a secure application for the user of all means of protection. Allows you to communicate via text chat, voice chat, share photos and videos, view other people’s statuses and see their news; WhatsApp Plus gold.

Likewise, after downloading the golden WhatsApp Plus 2023, you can view all deleted messages at any time and the option to make a backup to restore data. Besides communicating with people through WhatsApp Plus Gold without saving their contacts. And the possibility of creating group conversations and adding members without saving contacts, because all this is present in the WhatsApp Gold update. There are many additions and features which we will mention at the bottom of the topic, but this is just a small preview of WhatsApp Plus golden update.

The most important feature of whatsapp gold apk latest version 2023 against ban is the distinctive star that identifies your favorite messages which makes it easier to find the messages or conversations you want to see when you open the app. Marking interesting messages or conversations as unread so that you don’t miss anything important, you can also make WhatsApp Gold show others’ WhatsApp cases without appearing to them so that it is more private for you, you can also change the image that appears on your profile to emoji when creating your account in WhatsApp Gold, the new update.

WhatsApp Gold Premium communication APP:

WhatsApp Gold is a premium service that provides you with many additional features besides free services such as messaging and communicating with others via SMS, making voice and video calls, sending files and others, and you can use to send messages and files to your friends, make voice and video calls and even share large files. WhatsApp Gold is that the messages and files you send to your friends are encrypted with strong and beautiful end-to-end encryption, which means no one else can read them except the sender and the RECIPIENT. This makes it more difficult for a third party to read your messages.

The most common feature of WhatsApp Gold is the high resolution image and video sending feature which you can use to send media from high definition images and videos with full control over the accuracy and quality. WhatsApp Gold Lower resolution If you suffer from weak internet connection or have good internet speed, you will increase the resolution until it reaches the original size.

One of the coolest features of the WhatsApp Gold app is the feature to hide the fact that you are online now, just like its name is, like you are connected to the internet and present on WhatsApp and you don’t want anyone to know that you are online and available, this will be the perfect choice for you, and this is one of the awesome privacy features of whatsapp gold whatsapp dahabi, which is considered one of the most popular options. most important and most requested in the latest version 2023 of WhatsApp Gold.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023 for free!

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold before you start First of all, peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, our dear visitors, welcome to our new world, which is the App7 Pro site. Famous in downloading modern programs, where we are talking about one of the most used programs in the world. which is very popular in use. Which has become a great tool for communication with loved ones and people, which is available on all modern Android devices, iPhones, Windows devices and WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023.

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023, in addition to each version of these devices, is WhatsApp Messenger. Which is used in the field of communication by written chat, voice conversations, video communication or recording. All this is available on this program, so all you need to do is start and use the official WhatsApp application. The phone must be connected to the Internet for the communication process to take place without paying any fees or connection restrictions.

Privacy and security options in the gold WhatsApp app for Android:

Hide last seen:

This option is also present in the original WhatsApp, but it is not as distinguished as the golden version of because it allows you to hide the last appearance and see the appearance of others.

hide online now:

It lets you be on WhatsApp without others seeing you when you’re online.

Hide writing and recording:

This option helps WhatsApp users to record a voice message without the recipient knowing, and also if you are writing a text message, it prevents the other party from knowing that you are writing a message to them.

Hide blue mic signal:

When you receive an audio recording and want to listen to it without the other person being aware of the blue mic signal spinning when you listen to it, this feature of WhatsApp Gold helps you with that.

Read and receive messages without the correct appearance:

These two distinct and most wonderful options help you receive and read messages without showing the sender that you have done so, which means that the read and received indicators are not visible and the checkmark that appears is a check mark.

Look at other people’s stories and hide:

This beautiful and wonderful feature allows you to open WhatsApp stories that others put without showing them that you actually saw what they put.

Prevent deletion of WhatsApp statuses:

When someone puts a WhatsApp status and cancels and deletes it, it will not be deleted from you as long as you enable this feature on WhatsApp Gold apk.

Prevent deletion of messages from both parties:

This feature gives you the option to disable the ability to delete messages for everyone from the original green WhatsApp, which means that if you activate it, the sender, if he wants to delete his message to you, will not be able to not do it.

FEATURES of WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023?

But in WhatsApp Gold, you can share all media, photos and videos with friends by updating WhatsApp Plus Gold.
By updating the gold WhatsApp Plus, you can set up your own protection system without telling anyone but yourself.
Available after WhatsApp Plus golden update, the ability to choose any pattern you want, whether it’s fingerprint, security pattern, PIN or password outmoded.
Hide story from your friends after WhatsApp Gold update.
By adding an eye button on your friends’ stories, you can click on it to show that you have viewed it through WhatsApp’s golden update.
In WhatsApp Plus Gold you can create group calls and individual calls.
Hide the word “Writing is in progress” on WhatsApp Plus golden update chat screen.
After updating the golden WhatsApp Plus, you can specify who can communicate with you by choosing Everyone or Contacts.
You can specify who can see the profile picture in WhatsApp Gold.
You can specify who can see your story after WhatsApp Plus Gold update.
But in WhatsApp Plus Gold, you can share the status with someone without others seeing your story.
After WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023 update, you can hide the blue tick, which is the read mark of the message.
But after WhatsApp Plus, you can set a special notification in WhatsApp Plus gold update if a friend changes their photo.
You can back up all your data in case you lose it.
In WhatsApp Plus Gold, you can send more than 90 photos at a time.
Watch all cases after updating the golden WhatsApp Plus without telling anyone that you watched their story.
Because WhatsApp Plus Gold 2023, WhatsApp Gold provides the option to download all the stories of your friends’ stories through the story download tab.

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