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Yulustore APK

Yulustore APK

2.5/5 - (4 votes)

2.5/5 - (4 votes)

Do you want to download modded iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad? If so, look no further because I’m about to expose the store to a free download of hundreds of modded apps. In this article, I will give you a direct download link to Yulustore APK, its benefits and features. A smart bike sharing company called Yulustore APK solves the problems of first and last mile connectivity and short distance commuting in Indian cities.

APK, Yulustore India’s leading micro-mobility service provider, offers distinctive micro-mobility vehicles for the everyday community. Yulustore APK is a simple smartphone application that helps reduce one-off and sustained travel in India. It is available in all properties such as metro stations, offices at bus stops and corporate offices in residential areas to make the first and last as easy, affordable and comfortable as possible.

Its rights cover bicycle designs specifically aimed at India today and equipment with a smartphone app integrated with a smart mechanism. This special design allows you to easily use the bike when you need it most as a cyclist. We anticipate that Yulustore will offer your affordable and eco-friendly means of transportation that will help reduce traffic and pollution levels and promote a healthy environment for future generations.

Yulustore.com APK Features:

Certainly a priority
Yulu vehicles are regularly cleaned and disinfected using substances recommended by WHO to ensure safety. Our field team drives each vehicle wearing gloves and a mask.

The last sterile pad of the vehicle
The “Last Sanitized” stamp on each Yulustore.com app lets you know when the bike was last cleaned.

Sustainable and healthy
To preserve the environment, Ulus does not emit carbon. Do you want to know more? the app allows you to monitor the number of calories you burn each day to stay healthy!

Available via any device
Yulu zones are positioned at all appropriate locations, including workplaces, homes, bus stops and business buildings.

They are quite profitable.
Our rates are significantly lower because we only charge for rental time rather than distance traveled. Mumbai and Bangalore are barely Rs 1.50 per minute. The application offers complete prices.

Simple payment methods.
You will never have to misplace your pocket again as all payments are made digitally. Additionally, we accept payments from abroad.

There is a special savings package.
We offer value-for-money packages every day, every week, and every month so you can save more on your daily commute!

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